Questions Before Buying

Hello and welcome again! Today I wanted to write about things you should consider before buying clothes, or anything really. I think that societies idea of fun is based on buying things, for example “shop till you drop”  which can be fun but it is not necessary. And unless your are very comfortable with money thats not really a thing you can do often, or maybe you do but you shouldn’t. When I got my first job I spent way too much money on clothes, and now two or three years later I don’t have one piece of clothing I bought then. It was all cheap and wasn’t my style. I thought it was so much fun to buy, and it wasn’t until after spending hundreds of dollars on clothes that I realized I still “had nothing to wear”. You should ask yourself a couple of questions before buying like “Do I really need this?” first off, you don’t need to be buying something you don’t need, that just adds to the clutter. Second off ask your self “do I really love this?” and or “is this my style”. Really think about it, you do not have to buy right then, leave it there and go back a couple days later and see if you still love it. You can make a little list of quick questions to ask yourself before buying, that will be your best option. And your questions do not have to be the same as mine, just really think about it, make it yours like anything. Be sure to like if you found this article helpful!


“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19


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